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Epoxy Powder Coating for Water Supply

Epoxy Powder Coating for Water Supply


Function & Application

This product belongs to the system of epoxy resin powder coating, in possession of outstanding corrosion-resistance, chemical-resistance and solvent-resistance, able to resist chemical corrosion by H2S, CO2, O2, acids, alkalis, organics, etc in transmission media and corrosion by such corrosive substances as ground water containing salt, organic acids produced by the micro-organism in earth, as well as protect water distribution apparatus, e.g. iron or steel pipes and storage tanks. Our products meet the hygienic requirements for protective materials in Standard for Safety Evaluation of Equipment and Protective Materials in Drinking Water System (2001).

The product is mainly used for inner antisepsis of iron or steel pipes for drinking water and intermediate water transmission and anticorrosion of drinking water valves. It is also applicable to inner antisepsis of steel storage tanks, sewage treatment works, wharfs and the equipment of chemical plants.  


1.This product coating is a single layer structure. Excellent adhesion with no need for priming coat.

2.Tough and abrasion-resistant coating, excellent impact-resistance and flexibility and outstanding adhesion to pipes can prevent mechanical damages in construction and damages caused by environmental stress in usage.

3.Outstanding insulation resistance helps to resist chemical corrosion under cathodic protection and be protective in a long term.

4.Its coating is compact, tough, waterproof and corrosion-resistant against chemical mediators.

5.Easy coating and convenient inspection for surface quality.

Major Components

Epoxy resin, phenolic curing agents, SiO2 and titanium dioxide.


1. Coating method: high voltage electrostatic spraycoating, fluidized-bed spraycoating and roller coating.

2. Coating working environment: room temperature.

3. Operation:

1) Remove oil, rust and other loose precipitation and water, etc.

2) Sandblasting and shotblasting treatment to Sa2.5 level, depth of abrasion pattern 40-100μm and surface cleaning to white level. Fresh and used sand should be paintcoated evenly for a stable proportion.

3) Clean the inner surface of pipes.

4) Preheat workpiece at 180-230℃ normally, lower than 260℃ (to prevent oxidation).

5) The powder coating is applied to the surface of the workpiece. The coating thickness is 250-350μm .

6) Curing according to relevant requirements.

7) Coating cooling.

8) Surface inspection after the workpiece cools under 95℃.

9) Recoat the missing part.

Technical Parameters:

Curing Instruction:

Powder coating is paintcoated on preheated workpiece and cure it according to relevant requirements for optimal performance. The curing time of unpreheated workpiece should be calculated once it reaches curing temperature.


1. Although the product is nontoxic, pollution-free, not ignited readily, operating personnel must pay attention to their personal hygiene and wear protection tools in case of massive inhalation during operation.

2. Attention to ventilation, prohibit any ignition source and set reliable smoke and fire alarm system and fire-extinguishing device. 

3. All workpiece, spray gun holder, high voltage cable shielded wire and the pipes within the spraying chamber should be grounded. 

4. Operating personnel should wear static-free labor suits in case of electric currents through human body in electrostatic field. 

Storage & Transportation:

1. Shelf life: 12 months at temperature ≤30℃.

2. Storage: to be kept under a dry, well-ventilated and clean condition at temperature ≤30℃ and away from ignition, heat and pollution source. Unutilized parts unpacked should be resealed in case of moisture absorption from air.

3. Transportation: avoid direct sunshine and rain exposure. Insulation measures to be taken when temperature ≥35℃.


Cartons for outer packing and polyethylene woven bags for inner lining, net weight 25kg.

Product Name: Epoxy Powder Coating for Water Supply
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