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Weather Proof Double Layer Epoxy Compound Powder

Weather Proof Double Layer Epoxy Compound Powder



The product is a kind of weather proof double layer heavy duty epoxy compound powder, comprises of two layers of primer and finishing, to be applied directly to steel surface after sandblasted and heated. The primer layer is to provide protection for anticorrosion. The finishing layer is anti- scratch, anti-impact, anti-abrasion as the common advantage of epoxy coating, it is also featured with high shinning, UV-resistant, and superior durable, heat resistant, anti-corrosion, anti-powderization. The finishing layer is applied onto the primer layer. Two layers of powder are melted and solidified to an even, dense coating layer with solid jointing between two layers. The powder can be customized to a plenty of color with can’t be get from normal anti-corrosion layer. the coating will not fade, darken fast over time, even for the bright colors like white, light blue, pink, bright yellow, etc.

The coating is mainly used for anti-corrosion protection of oil and gas, municipal piping line, etc.


Excellent UV resistant and weather proof performance.

No need to apply primer painting before applying the coating.

Easy application, fast solidification, high working efficiency, suitable for working on coating line.

Coating has superior flexibility, toughness and anti bending performance. Easy for quality inspection.

Application Requirements

Powder to be applied to surface by high pressure electrostatic spraying.

Powder spray thickness: Primer layer (EPY2-VD) ≥ 300 μ m, finishing layer: (PPY2-VM)≥300μm, total thickness ≥600μm.

Average quantity: Primer layer (EPY2-VD)420g/m2, finishing layer: (PPY2-VM)420 g/m2.

Surface treatment: stand blasting or grit blasting.

Solidification condition: Primer layer (EPY2-VD):(190~220)℃(/2~4)min, finishing layer: (PPY2-VM):(190~220)℃/(2~3)min.

Solidification instruction: the powder shall be applied to pre-heated workpiece, solidified by remaining heat, reheating is normally not required unless wall thickness is too less or working temperature is too low.

Application Procedures:

1.Heating workpiece to allowed high temperature in short time, to remove the oil, dirt, rust, water and other sediments on the surface.

2.Sand or grit blasting workpiece surface to SA2.5 grade, dent depth to be 40~100μm, dust removing to be white grade. Adding new and old sand / grit evenly to keep the ratio of new/old sand / grit stable.

3.Clear again dust and blasting waste if workpiece and be heated and sprayed within short time.

4.Check salt level on workpiece surface, shall not be more than 20mg/m2.

5.Heating and powder coating must be done within 4 hours maximum after blasting. Re-blasting shall be done if more than 4 hours or surface is corroded or contaminated.

6.Temperature of workpiece shall be control in 190~230℃, shall not be more than 260 ℃ for preventing oxidation.

7.Finishing layer shall be done before primer powder gelled. Meanwhile, temperature needed by finishing layer powder solidification must be maintained.

8.Solidification process must follow the requirements.

9.Surface checking can be carried out after workpiece temperature decreases to 95℃.

10.Repair defective points if any.

Specification of Powder

Specification of Coating

Product Name: Weather Proof Double Layer Epoxy Compound Powder
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