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How To Test Straight Welded Pipe Quality?

Jan. 16, 2018

1.Judging from the surface of Straight Welded Pipe. The appearance inspection of welded joint is a simple and widely used inspection method, it is an important part of finished product inspection. It is mainly found that the surface defects and size deviation of weld. Generally through the naked eye, the test is carried out with the aid of standard templates, gauge and magnifying glasses. 

2.The test of physical methods: use some physical phenomena to test. The inspection of the internal defects of the material or the workpiece is generally the method of nondestructive testing.

3.The strength test of the pressurized container: the pressure vessel, besides the sealing test, also carries out the strength test. They can test the tightness of the welds in the vessels and Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe that work under pressure. In the test, the corresponding safety technical measures must be observed in order to prevent accidents in the process of test.

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