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What Should We Do On The Surface of Spiral Steel Pipe ?

Feb. 23, 2018

We know that the large diameter Spiral Steel Pipe is made of strip steel, and its surface is rough and uneven. In order to improve its beauty and wear resistance, it needs to be processed on the surface.

Spiral Steel Pipe Manufacturer introduces the surface treatment methods.

1. Cleaning: used solvent, emulsion cleaning steel appearance, to get to remove oil, grease, dust, smooth agent and similar organic matter.

2. Derusting: the first use of steel wire brush and other tools to polish the appearance of steel, can remove loose or warping of the oxide skin, rust, welding slag and so on.

3.Pickling: regular use of chemical and electrolytic pickling treatment of two different ways to do, use only pipeline anticorrosion chemical pickling, can remove scale, rust, old coating, sometimes can be used as remarketing after sandblasting derusting.

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