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Several Kinds of External Corrosion Protection for Steel Pipe II

Nov. 14, 2017

5.Chlorinated rubber anti corrosive coatings. Chlorinated rubber is a chemically inert film-forming material, coating on the permeability of water and oxygen is low, so has good close, it can withstand outdoor atmosphere, UV light, oxygen and temperature change, therefore has good corrosion resistance. chlorinated rubber anti-corrosive coating is used more in overhead bridge pipe.

6.Cathodic protection. This is electrochemical protection method. Anti-corrosive cathodic protection of the pipeline itself to complement each other, the existence of anti-corrosion layer can greatly reduce the current consumption of cathodic protection, and cathodic protection can make up for the lack of integrity of the finished coating. However, the operation and management of this method often can not keep up. 

7.Glass has high strength, high hardness, impact resistance, smooth surface, high anti-corrosion performance, semi mechanical or manual production and so on. 

Each kind of anti-corrosion form has its advantages and disadvantages, but they have a common characteristic, that is to give protection to the buried pipeline, but the pipeline protection effect depends on every processing quality from materials choice to construction, if in each stage were in accordance with the standard requirements of the specification, so no matter what kind of corrosion form will protect the pipeline. We are Spiral Steel Pipe Manufacturer and Epoxy Compound Powder Coating Supplier in China for many years with high quality.

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