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What Is the Main Technological Characteristic of Spiral Steel Pipe?

Oct. 12, 2017

1.In the process of forming, the steel plate has uniform deformation, little residual stress and no scratches on the surface. Processing Spiral Steel Pipe has greater flexibility in diameter and wall thickness of the size range, especially in the production of high grade steel thick wall pipe, it has incomparable technology advantage. This can meet the needs of users in the spiral pipe specifications for more.

2.Spiral steel pipe adopts the advanced double submerged arc welding process, which can realize welding in the best position. It is easy to control the welding quality and difficult to have defects such as wrong edges, welding deviation. 

3.Carries on the 100% quality inspection to the Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe, make the entire process of the steel pipe production is under the effective inspection, it guaranteed the product quality effectively.

4.The whole equipment has the function of networking with the computer data.

Spiral Steel Pipe