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Several Kinds of External Corrosion Protection for Steel Pipe

Nov. 09, 2017

Follows are several types of external corrosion protection for anti-corrosion steel pipe, Spiral Steel Pipe

1.Epoxy coal tar pitch. The anti corrosive epoxy coating has stable performance, long service life, high temperature resistance, high coating strength, convenient construction, semi mechanical or manual production, low coating cost. Its disadvantages are solidification is affected by temperature, low temperature curing is slow, especially in the field repair, the epoxy coating needs long curing time, it is difficult to guarantee the time limit.

2.Fused epoxy powder. It is used thermosetting powder coating spraying a production of film, its corrosion resistance is superior, high bonding strength with the substrate, the surface is smooth, wear-resistant, high temperature resistance, life can be more than 40 years. Its disadvantage is high cost, has reached 65-70 yuan/m2.

3.3PE layer is introduced from abroad advanced external anti corrosion technology in recent years. It combines the advantages of the interface characteristics and chemical resistance of the epoxy coating, and the mechanical protection characteristics of the extruded polyethylene anti corrosive layer, thereby improving their respective performance remarkably. 3LPE Coated Steel Pipe in pipeline can be up to 50 years. 

4.Polyurea coating. Its characteristic is rapid solidification, epoxy material is prone to rupture and delamination under sustained impact, while polyurea coating does not.

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