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The Opportunities and Challenges for Spiral Steel Pipe Supplier

May. 17, 2018

In 2015, the domestic Spiral Steel Pipe industry began to fall, which is a "unlucky situation". Until February 26, 2015, the domestic major spiral steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe tube type ex-factory price in the new annual show different degree of fall, fall and spiral welded steel pipe rolling are increasingly significant. The New Year is the key point for the change of the domestic steel market, which is also the time for the production and sale of the steel pipe. As the saying goes, "spring" situation is every year for the year's steel tube professional operation, set the tone, followed by a steep sell-off in the New Year and to some extent, Spiral Steel Pipe Supplier in China faces difficult and it is not optimistic.

Spiral Steel Pipe Supplier