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Do You Know About Polyethylene Plastic Coated Steel Pipe?

Jun. 08, 2018

Polyethylene Plastic Coated Steel Pipe is coated with a special kind of poly, then with a special process for the steel pipe.

It is widely used in power, communication, transportation, municipal, mining and other piping system construction in all regions of the country. And now it becomes the first choice for the protection pipe of overpass.

Product advantage

1. With high pressure and good mechanical properties of steel pipe.

It continues the advantages of steel pipe, and its mechanical strength is high when it has a strong bearing capacity on influence such as impact bending.

2. Strong chemical resistance.

With the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, the plastic coating has strong chemical resistance.

3. Retardant and antistatic.

This product adopts the special mineral polyethylene powder coating to resist static electricity, and the smouldering is evenly distributed on the surface and inner layer of the pipe.

Polyethylene Plastic Coated Steel Pipe