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Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe Application and Characteristics I

Sep. 07, 2017

Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe is suitable for internal and external anti-corrosion of all kinds of buried steel pipes, especially for coastal areas where the water quality is salt alkaline. Follows are its characteristics:

1.Compared with other composite pipe, the pressure of Polyethylene Steel Pipe is borne by steel pipe, and its plastic payer plays a role of anti-corrosion protection. Therefore, the bearing capacity of the steel pipe is not affected by the change of temperature and the aging of the anti-corrosion layer.

2.Excellent physical property. It has higher strength, rigidity, impact resistance than plastic pipe. It has similar pressure coefficient and creep resistance with steel pipe. And the pressure of the underground pipe is much higher than plastic pipe.

3.The coefficient of expansion is small, which is beneficial to the main water pipeline.

4.Resistance coefficient is small, the inner wall is smooth, no dirt, no knot. In the same diameter and pressure, the loss is lower 30% than other metal pipe.

5.With self pursuit line. Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe has complete strip. Inside and outside plastic layer does not interfere the penetration of electromagnetic waves. 

Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe

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