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How To Choose High Quality Spiral Steel Pipe?

Nov. 28, 2017

Because the Spiral Steel Pipe is used in water supply, gas, oil, steam and other transportation and sewage disposal projects, so if the quality is poor, it might be a big problem, in order to avoid the accident due to buy inferior spiral steel pipe, PLC summed up the following selection method of High Quality Spiral Steel Pipe:

First, we can see from the surface of steel pipe whether the manufacturing process of spiral steel pipe is exquisite or not? Generally speaking, professional Spiral Steel Pipe Manufacturer must be careful in production, and there will be no friction defects. On the other hand, we must beat the metal pipe, if the voice is crisp and the echo is not very dirty, then the spiral steel pipe is the latest product, rather than the recycling of the old steel pipe, which is generally safe to use.

The longitudinal reinforcement of the shoddy steel thread steel is often wavy, while the trademark and printing of the high quality spiral steel pipe will be more standard. High quality steel pipe is homogeneous in composition, the tonnage of cold shearing machine is high, the face of cutting head is smooth and neat. However, because of poor material quality, the cut end face is uneven and without metallic luster. 

High Quality Spiral Steel Pipe