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What Is The Excellent Features of Fused Epoxy Compound Powder Coating?

Aug. 31, 2017

1.The Epoxy Compound Coating has good chemical resistance, good solvent resistance, and can resist chemical corrosion, and long-term exposure to various organic acid and other corrosive substances produced by salt water, groundwater and so on. 

2.Tough coating wear resistance, impact resistance and excellent bending resistance, can effectively prevent the damage of stress and damage in the construction machinery used in the process of plant roots and soil environment.

3.Fused Epoxy Compound Powder Coating has food insulation, can resist chemical corrosion under the protection of cathodic, and achieves the purpose of long-term protection.

4.The coating has high glass transition temperature and a wide temperature range, can maintain the best performance between –30~100℃.

5.FBE construction is convenient, without primer and keep the best performance.

6.Pipelien inspection and repair are simple, the Epoxy Compound Powder Coating is easy to control.

Fused Epoxy Compound Powder Coating