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The Connection Method and Requirements of Coated Steel Pipe

Jan. 23, 2018

1.In the two ends of the Coated Steel Pipe welding flange, and flange should be welded firmly by polyethylene coating. When installation, adding seal gasket, and bolt pressed.

2.In order to ensure the pipe does not move in the axial direction of the pressure of water hammer, it should be fixed, like pier, bracket, hanger and so on.

3.When cement or brick piers are fixed, the pipe can be built in the buttress. 

4.It can be installed according to user drawing, if can not provide construction drawing, can measure to the scene, design and manufacture special pipeline for users.

5.When the pipe is installed, the warnings on the pipe must be kept on the outside to form a line, to show the safety warning.

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Coated Steel Pipe