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Processing Regular of Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe

Apr. 27, 2018

Today we briefly introduce the processing standard of Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe.

1. The petroleum natural gas uses three polyethylene (3PE) Steel pipe anticorrosion

2. Fluming water, oil, gasoline Medium and so on use two, three polypropylene (PP) anticorrosion

Standard: DEP

3. The oil natural gas utilizes FBE(Single-layer nodulizing epoxy powder anticorrosion) 2FBE(Double-decked nodulizing epoxy powder anticorrosion)

Standard: SY/T0315-2005;Q/CNPC38--2002

4. From the liquid epoxy coating guards against corrosion the steel pipe to be Acceptable for transport crude oil, water, natural gas medium and so on

Standard: SY/T0457--2000

5. 8701 tap water antiseptic paint chiefly uses in drinking the water conduct, the vessel, its sterile target reaches tap water Q/12TG3663-2006

6. Epoxy coal pitch winding glass fabric steel pipe anticorrosion

Standard: SY/T0447-96

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