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What Are the Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe Primers for Drinking Water?

Dec. 12, 2017

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe primers for drinking water made of polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti-rust pigments, fillers, auxiliaries, etc. Room temperature solid and forming interpenetrating network. The coating structure is compact, acid resistant, alkali and salt resistant, and has excellent adhesion and strong rust resistance. 

Water preservative pipe finish of drinking water is made of epoxy, rubber resin, filler, additives and so on. Excellent chemical resistance, non-toxic, anti-microbial erosion. It can be used for the topcoat of water supply pipe for the anti-corrosion inner wall pipe line.

This is for drinking water pipeline corrosion, no pollution, non-toxic, the major issues related to the health of the masses. As Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe Manufacturer, do not cut corners to make it work, mix the false with the genuine. 

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe