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The Production of Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe Coatings

May. 03, 2018

Today we briefly introduce the relevant knowledge of Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe coating.

Boiler pipes, for the purpose of corrosion protection of steel structures of steel components like anti-corrosion coating is applied to the surface of the steel construction. The anticorrosive paint, red iron oxide pigments of the long oil phthalic acid resin along with the spherical (Fe 2 O 3) coating and are dispersed in the thinner (JIS K 5621: 2008-1 species) is generally used.

To increase the corrosion protection, it has been proposed to utilize a flake-like or scale-like pigment, for example anticorrosive coatings which glass flakes were added 10 wt% to 150 wt% of the resin is revealed. The glass flakes, a brightly colored glass and hollow sphere, after cooling pulverized, obtained by classifying, the normal thickness of 0.5 ~ 10 [mu] m, a level of average size 100 ~ 400 [mu] m, and brightly colored during it is.

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