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Processing Standard of Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe

Oct. 19, 2017

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe through antiseptic treatment, it can prevent or slow down the steel pipe transfer or use of chemical corrosion or electrochemical corrosion reaction process effectively. It is widely used in chemical, sewage treatment, bridges, steel pipe and other engineering fields. Follows are its processing standard: 

1. 3LPE Coated Steel Pipe for the petroleum natural gas: SY/T0413-2002\DIN30670-1999.

2.Epoxy coated steel pipe mainly used for transporting crude oil, natural gas medium, water, etc: SY/T0457—2000.

3.Polyethylene coated steel pipe used for transferring gas medium, water, oil and so on. standard: DEP 

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe