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Begin Moistureproof from Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe Manufacturer

Aug. 18, 2017

Inside and Outside Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe Manufacturers strengthen the moisture detection before the storage of raw materials, strictly implement the "Regulations" requirements of quality inspection before the storage of raw materials, the single detection of all water quality inspection materials, substandard to storage, and take the package, waterproof tarpaulin cover and other measures to strengthen transportation management. Strengthen storage of raw materials has waterproof protection, the repairs to the warehouse roof, in accordance with the requirements of raw materials classification stacked, clearance, ensure ventilation and drying, rainy days with tarpaulins. Strengthen the raw materials storehouse moisture detection, according to the requirements from the batch to water sampling, resolutely stop the supply of unqualified. At the same time for outbound vehicle rain every day standing sheet, damage detection. Strengthen lime, light burned straight for bulk water detection, timely attention to weather conditions, rainy day hand tracking supervision, to eliminate dampness material into the furnace.

Moistureproof should begin from Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe Manufacturer.

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