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Precautions for the Placement of Spiral Steel Pipe

Dec. 28, 2017

1.The height of the stacking of Spiral Steel Pipe, no more than 1.2m in manual work, no more than 1.5m in the mechanical work, no more than 2.5m in the stack width.

2.The open-pit angle steel and channel steel should be put down, the steel I trough face can not be upwards, so as to avoid the water to rust. 

3.Principle requirements of China Spiral Steel Pipe stacking is to ensure the safety of the premise, do stacking according to varieties, specifications to prevent erosion and mutual stacking.

4.Spiral steel pipe steel type open dumps, the following must have wood pad or stone, stack face slightly tilted to facilitate drainage.

5.The spiral steel pipe pile bottom should be high, solid and smooth, so as to prevent the material from dampness or deformation.

6.Prohibit the storage of articles that have erosive effects on spiral steel pipe in the surrounding of pipe stacks.

Spiral Steel Pipe