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Quality Assurance Method of 3 Layer PE Steel Pipe

Feb. 01, 2018

3 Layer PE Steel Pipe quality assurance method is divided into hoisting, transporting and keeping.

1.Inspection qualified Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe should be from the end part of the steel pipe 300-500mm with commodity symbol. 

2.Hoisting of anti corrosion steel pipe should use wide nylon sling.

3.Coated steel pipe should be classified stacking according to varieties, specifications, raw materials and so on.

4.When transporting the anti corrosion steel pipe, the nylon belt should be tied and fixed. In the loading process, the hard materials should be avoided.

5.Construction units should carefully check the product varieties, specifications, pipe materials, certification and so on, check its appearance quality and internal cleanliness one by one. 

3 Layer PE Steel Pipe