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Do You Know The General Requirements of The Installation of Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe

Aug. 05, 2017

1. The following conditions should be met before Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe installed:

Construction drawings and other relevant technical documents are complete and technical explanation has been made;

To install the required epoxy coated steel pipe, visual inspection and check the certificate of product specifications, variety and quantity0

2. Construction workers should be aware of the epoxy coated steel pipe and related connection performance, master the basic skills.

3. Epoxy coated steel pipe should be used in the following construction equipment:

Cutting shall be done with metal saw cutting.

Special groove rolling machine should be used for pressing groove.

Bending of bent pipe machine should be adopted.

The electric thread machine should be used to process the pipe thread.

The epoxy coated steel pipe port for deburring and processing tools should be used to fillet.

Without the high strength coating solvent liquid epoxy resin coating should use a small brush or a small toothbrush.

Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe