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The Difference between The Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe and Galvanized Steel Pipe

Jul. 29, 2017

1.The difference about price between Epoxy Coated Steel Pipe and galvanized steel pipe is obvious.

2. The epoxy coated steel pipe has good anti fouling properties, the pipe will not produce fouling. Galvanized steel pipe is stationary for a long time, easy to scale, resulting in smaller diameter of the pipe, and even blocked.

3. The epoxy coated steel pipe has good corrosion resistance, the inner surface of the pipe is not easy to rust, small friction coefficient, flow rate increases at the same time, which is not easy to breed bacteria. Galvanized steel pipe corrosion resistance is poor, long-term erosion by water, easy to scale, bacteria, serious corrosion in a relatively short time.

4. The epoxy coated steel pipe can be used for about 50 years, galvanized steel pipe service life is generally 7-8 years and pipeline needs regular maintenance and increases the maintenance cost.

5. The production process: the epoxy coated steel pipe is for powder coating without harm to the health of the staff and coating composition. Powder coating is coated in a closed system, paints utilization rate as high as 98%, no pollution to the environment. Zinc vapor in hot dip galvanizing processes to make workers zinc poisoning, hot galvanizing zinc and zinc splash is easy to scald operators, and hot galvanizing on environmental pollution is very serious, the ministry of environmental protection is not advocating the use of galvanized steel pipe.