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Welcome Guests from Beijing

Jul. 15, 2017

In July 6, 2017, Yanqing waterworks and Beijing Jinhe Water Construction Group Co., Ltd. came to visit our company on the spot. Wang Ping, chairman of the board of directors on behalf of the company's warmly welcome to the arrival of customers, and arranged a detailed reception. Accompanied by the main person in charge of each department, they visited the company production workshop and coating workshop. For all kinds of problems raised by customers, the company leaders and related staff have made a detailed answer, their rich professional knowledge and ability to work, impressed customers.

Our receptionists described company's main products of the production process, product range of application, technical performance and other related knowledge. After the visit, the person in charge of the company made a detailed presentation of the company's current development, as well as technical improvements, sales cases and so on. The customer attracted by the company a good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere, hard-working staff, and future cooperation between the two sides would achieve, everyone forecasted the complementary win-win and common development in the future to cooperation projects.

Welcome Guests from Beijing