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Inside Epoxy Outside Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe

Inside Epoxy Outside Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe


Inside epoxy outside polyethylene anti-corrosion steel pipe is a kind of coated steel pipe,use the technique of internal spray epoxy powder, outer shower coating with polyethylene powder. The intermediate frequency-heating mode utilizes the waste heat of the tube to cure both at the same time, without separately coating the curing. Products inner coated with the food-grade epoxy, making the inner surface of the pipe more smoothly, not easy to breed microorganisms, to ensured the water quality and increased the flow rate. Outer shower coating with polyethylene powder, making the outer surface of plastic layer thickness increases, corrosion resistance is more remarkable.

Pipeline characteristics:

1. The fungus and microorganism in the tap water or wastewater will not attach pipeline wall.

2. The inner coating of the pipeline is smooth; the fluid friction resistance is small.

3. The pipeline inner wall has excellent corrosion resistance.

4. The outer wall of the pipe coated with the single layer of polyethylene powder, flexible, resistant to bump, with a strong resistance to soil corrosion, green.

5. The design life of the inside and outside coating is up to 50 years.

Mainly used in municipal water conservancy project (transport tap water, middle water, sewage), petroleum, chemical, natural gas, electricity, heat, sea water transport, coal and other fields. Apply to bury underground, overhead, underwater lying.

Product Name: Inside Epoxy Outside Polyethylene Coated Steel Pipe
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