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Inside Epoxy Outside 3 Layer PE Steel Pipe

Inside Epoxy Outside 3 Layer PE Steel Pipe


3PE coating is based on Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) as the bottom, the adhesive for the middle layer and extruded polyethylene for the outer sheath of the simultaneous winding or extrusion and become a whole. Integrated the excellent performance of epoxy coating and extruded polyethylene two anti-corrosion layer. The combination of the interfacial properties and chemical resistance of the epoxy coating with the mechanical protection properties of the extruded polyethylene anticorrosive layer, thereby significantly improving the respective properties. Pipe wall coated with Fusion Bonded Epoxy ((FBE), to solve the problem of pipeline corrosion, pipe roughness is small, smooth wall, hydraulic performance is good.

Product flow diagram:


1. Strong adhesion, high airtight, long-term use can save energy, reduces costs and protects the environment.

2. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, good insulation, good flexibility and easy construction.

3. High reliability, long life, the service cycle can reach 50 years.

Inside epoxy outside three-layer PE anti-corrosion steel pipe can be used in urban water supply, drainage pipe network and long-distance transmission of various tap water, sewage, reclaimed water, sea water pipes, but also transport oil、gas or oil and gas mixing media. Integrated low cost, the product which is in line with green, environmental protection, low-carbon, energy-saving.

Product Name: Inside Epoxy Outside 3 Layer PE Steel Pipe
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